Simply Agrarian

agrar·i·an: of or relating to cultivated land or the cultivation of land.

Beliefs and Goals

I believe in the power of agrarian communities–localities whose biggest source of economic and societal wealth come from the food they produce.

I believe that if we create agrarian communities in our cities, counties, and states, we can combat many of the greatest problems modern society faces, chronic health problems, wasted resources, and ecological degradation. And that’s not even touching on the benefits to the individual.

My goal is to provide information about local food, community-sufficiency (as opposed to “self-sufficiency”– though both are wonderfully important) and regenerative agriculture.

I want to teach people how to find good food locally, how to prepare it, and how to understand the ever-changing conversation and language that surrounds our foodscapes.

As I want to become a farmer myself, there will also be plenty of information about the production of food as I share what I learn with you.

If you live in the Middle Georgia area, my blog and local food directory will be a great place to meet your farmers, find out what they do, and find all of the fresh, local food you need.